First, I hope you and your loved ones are safe and that this crisis will disappear as soon as possible.

So a little look behind my company.
frauklarer consists of myself and my employee, who is marginally employed.

My income consists of workshops, direct sales in my studio, online orders and special orders for companies.

Workshops - not possible
Direct sales in my studio - not possible
I would have photographed my new collection next week - not possible
I also don't know when I can publish them.
I am currently completely dependent on online orders and company orders.
With my income I have to cover studio rent, operating costs, insurances, salary of my employee, my salary and much more.

Therefore it is important that now and as soon as hopefully everything will be fine again quickly, you support small local businesses more than ever.
For us small businesses such a situation can be threatening our existence.

Therefore you will get -15% on all orders.
This also applies to workshops.
If you like to support my business, I would also appreciate very much if you order a gift card

So please stay home, stay safe and stay calm. 
Together we can make this.
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